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English YouTube Tutorials

Below is a list of various tutorials on YouTube in English. This list is constantly updated and expanded.


RStudio – graphical user interface for R Statistics


Importing data into R


One Sample tests

Chi-Square Goodness of Fit-Test

One Sample Wilcoxon-Test

One sample t-Test


Two sample tests (independent samples)

Two sample t-Test (Independent t-Test)



Three or more sample tests (independent samples)

One-way ANOVA



Paired tests for two measurements (dependent samples)

Paired sample t-Test (Dependent t-Test)

Wilcoxon-Test (Wilcoxon signed-rank test)


Paired tests for at least three measurements (dependent samples)

Repeated Measures ANOVA

Friedman Test/ANOVA


Mixed approach (between-subject factor and within-subject factor




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